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Translators, please do not translate everything


I'm grateful for translations by translators. But translating everything causes icons to break. Ubuntu MATE 20.04 has several broken icons and most of them are fixed in Ubuntu MATE 20.10 already.

Advice: Please do NOT translate the 'Icon' text, just leave that translation blank (""). Copy/pasting the English text will cause superfluous lines in .desktop files and might cause additional work later (if the original name is updated, you will need to copy and paste that string again). So getting a 100% translation score, might even be non-optimal.

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st, xft and ubuntu 20.04.1

Some time ago I switched to AwesomeWM and with that came another change, my default terminal emulator. Having used GNOME terminal for years, I soon switched to Terminator back in the day. Leaving GNOME behind, in search for a more lean desktop with less frills and more keyboard centric features, I also had to ditch that terminal emulator (it has too many dependencies for my use case). Eventually I stumbled upon st, which fit the bill.

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Password fail: Flying Blue

Yesterday I received an e-mail that Flying Blue moved away from their 'pin' (a few digits only) password for online services. My initial response was being very pleased about this move. I've just changed my pin to a password, but... See the screenshot below for the password restrictions. facepalm


Happy SysAdmin Day (2018)

Just wanted to wish all my fellow system administrators a very happy sysadmin day. This one goes out to all you ninjas, who carry out their work in the shadows to ensure maximum availability, stability, performance and security. To all of you, who try to explain magic to muggles on a daily basis.


Source: OpenClipArt

Disconnecting from Facebook

About 5 months ago I moved away from Whatsapp (owned by Facebook) to Signal and today I moved away from Facebook itself. It has been on my to do list for a while already. Watching Zondag met Lubach this week gave me the final push to put my Facebook account removal at the top of my to do list. Arjen Lubach even created a Facebook event (quite funny) called "Bye Bye Facebook", which was scheduled for yesterday evening at 20.00. He stuck to his word and removed his own account. What made it funnier was that his event was not very easy to find using the search function, which usually works fine.

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Upgrading OpenWrt on a TL-WR710N

Story is that I have several TP-Link WR710N access points in use, flashed with OpenWrt. The preinstalled (factory) OS is a bit too limiting, resource-intensive and cannot be checked for flaws (or be modified for that matter). Whilst reading the OpenWrt website, I saw they merged with the LEDE project and they are merging their efforts. Hooray for this/these amazing project(s).

Since my installations are a bit stale (and they still work like a charm), it was time to do updates. The project has a fine page about sysupgrade, which describes the process for both the GUI (webinterface) and commandline (preferred). As such I'd like to share the experience, together with some examples.

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Wiv Sleepnet referendum

Morgen is het zover, stemmen voor de gemeenteraad EN voor het referendum over de Wiv, ook wel beter bekend als de sleepwet. Bij deze wil ik iedereen vragen om (als je toch al gaat stemmen) ook jouw stem uit te brengen in verband met het referendum. Mocht je mijn mening willen weten, stem tegen.

Kort door de bocht: de wet is te vaag, het oordeel van de toezichthouder moet bindend zijn, de bewaartermijn is te lang, de diensten kunnen (te) makkelijk persoonsgegevens doorspelen naar het buitenlandse diensten en de gegevens van veel onschuldige burgers worden meegesleept terwijl dat niet nodig is.

De Wet op de inlichtingen- en veiligheidsdiensten 2017 is een dermate 'hot topic' geweest (dankzij, dat we ons democratisch recht mogen gebruiken voor het stemmen in het referendum. Laten we dat dan ook doen, om aan te geven dat de huidige wet (die per 1 januari 2018 van kracht is geworden) niet deugd. Goede informatie wordt gegeven op Een Betere (mogelijk gemaakt door Bits of Freedom) en de bijbehorende video-opname wordt mede mogelijk gemaakt door Amnesty International.

Wil je een liever een vlot overzicht (met humor), dan kan ik je Zondag met Lubach aanraden. In deze eerste video (op YouTube) en daarna zelfs tweede video, geeft hij een goede kijk op de nieuwe wet.

Deze brochure van de Referendum Commissie kwam ik ook tegen en wou ik jullie niet onthouden:

/img/posts/2018/03/20-wiv-sleepnet-referendum/referendum_commissie_01.thumbnail.jpg /img/posts/2018/03/20-wiv-sleepnet-referendum/referendum_commissie_02.thumbnail.jpg /img/posts/2018/03/20-wiv-sleepnet-referendum/referendum_commissie_03.thumbnail.jpg /img/posts/2018/03/20-wiv-sleepnet-referendum/referendum_commissie_04.thumbnail.jpg

I love Free Software Day 2018

Today isn't just Valentines day, but also I love Free Software Day! I've been using (and contributing) Free Software for years now and don't want anything else. Even when I've given non-Free Software another chance, every time I was glad when I returned to Free Software.

A big thank you goes out to all developers, sysadmins, network guru's, translators, bugsquashers and all other contributors.

A small selection of tools/libraries/projects/organizations I'm thankful for this year: debian, ubuntu, terminator, mate, vi(m), firefox, thunderbird, postgresql, apache, kvm, libvirt, bash, openssh, nextcloud, workrave, audacious, vlc, mtp (Media Transfer Protocol), ext2/ext3/ext4/btrfs, mdadm, postfix, the linux kernel, fosdem, fsfe, eff, bitsoffreedom, ccc and kodi.

For the next year, let's make sure we don't squabble amongst ourselves. Let us be even more understanding and help each other out more. Let us agree to disagree and be fine with that. I do not care which window manager, editor, desktop or database you use. Of course I have my own preferences and don't mind a good discussion. As long as we give each other the freedom to choose what we want, it's OK. We're all playing for the Free Software team. And yes, each of us known that we are right ;-)

At the previous FOSDEM I picked up the following card and gave it to my wife, she liked it a lot (just a tip)


Local OsmAnd and Geo URL's

Earlier this year I went on a long holiday to Japan and China. I have an Android phone and am a very big fan of OpenStreetMap. So I used OsmAnd (which uses OpenStreetMap data) to navigate through those countries. I made a spreadsheet with LibreOffice, which included a few links to certain location which are hard to find or do not have an address. Then I exported that .ods to a .pdf and was able to click on the links, which then openend perfectly in OsmAnd.

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