DigID APK voor Android beschikbaar stellen

TL;DR: Beste rijksoverheid / digid / logius, maak de digid app a.u.b. als APK download beschikbaar (dat kan vrij eenvoudig) en idealiter daarna ook als open source beschikbaar. Verder overweeg HOTP en TOTP (in combinatie met FreeOTP) als vervanging van SMS voor 2FA. TL;DR2: Beste mede-burger, laat digid weten dat je ook een APK beschikbaar wilt hebben. Stuur hiervoor via Twitter een berichtje naar @digidwebcare of een e-mail naar .

Android's best kept secret

TL;DR: Android has a secret which, apparently, is still not well known. It is… the ‘skip’ button, because you do not need a Google account to use your Android smartphone. Recently my wife switched over to a new mobile phone ( Fairphone ). During the setup, I showed her the ‘skip’ button. With that, you can skip the Google registration of your phone (which most people believe is mandatory, but is actually optional).

Local OsmAnd and Geo URL's

Earlier this year I went on a long holiday to Japan and China. I have an Android phone and am a very big fan of OpenStreetMap. So I used OsmAnd (which uses OpenStreetMap data) to navigate through those countries. I made a spreadsheet with LibreOffice, which included a few links to certain location which are hard to find or do not have an address. Then I exported that .ods to a .

Fixed Telfort mobile internet on my girlfriends phone

My girlfriends phone broke this week and I gave her my spare (old) Samsung Galaxy S4, which I had replaced due to glitches (like not seeing the SIM card regularly). But it worked most of the time and a simple reboot would fix the issue. At the end of the next day she told me that her mobile internet was not working and I was surprised. I did not modify anything, so the Telfort configuration must have come from the network.