Mozilla Firefox 57 (Quantum) arrives

Tuesday the 14th of November 2017 was the day that Mozilla released their newest (and fastest) release of Firefox until now: Firefox 57, Quantum. Reading the "marketing" text about more speed, less memory usage and a more beautiful browser, I was skeptical. After a quick download off their archive servers, I was very pleasantly surprised. Firefox Quantum is quite a bit faster than the previous versions, even I notice it. I have not really checked the memory usage, but it seems to be a bit more efficient (my virtual machine with Firefox in it has more free RAM available than before whilst browsing online).

Privacy not included

Mozilla has just started a new campaign: Privacy Not Included. If you are looking around for a Christmas gift for friends and family, have a look here first. Mozilla helps and states the possible privacy and security flaws a gadget has. At least now, if you choose a product which invades your privacy (or that of a friend or spouse), you know about it before you buy it. You will get bonus points from your geeky spouse when their present is private and secure ;-)