GRUB - grub_register_command_lockdown not found

Recently the OS disk of one of my servers failed. Since the OS disk is a USB stick and I have had good experiences with Diet Pi for my raspberry pi’s, I thought I’d take a look if it is also available for AMD64. Guess what, it is! So I fired up dd to push the downloaded image to the USB stick, popped the USB stick into the server and ran the OS for the first time.

Debian (network install) fails on "Installation step failed"

Tried installing Debian by using the netinst feature, but was confronted with the following "Installation step failed" message, during the "Select and install software" phase. Looking into the logfile I read that the issue was with pkgsel. Searching the log I noticed a "FATAL -> Failed to fork." Then I remembered that I was doing this on a virtual machine and looked at the settings. The memory was set to to 256MB.