Fallout 4 - Mods, Steam, steamtinkerlaunch and Mod Manager

Recently I started playing Fallout 4 by Bethesda via Steam on my Ubuntu desktop with Awesome WM. Quite quickly in the game (once you gather different bits of ‘junk’ and other pieces), you will get annoyed by the fact you can not do a simple search in a cabinet/container for an item. You have you manually scroll through the entire list and I was fed up with that. Luckily there appears to be a perfect mod to fix this issue: Fall UI - Inventory.

Firefox privacy settings breaks Netflix

Mozilla Firefox has been a privacy-first browser for years and is excellent. Recently I found my way to (yet another page on the excellent) page on the Arch wiki, about Firefox privacy. There I found out about the following setting (which can be modified in about:config) to increase/enhance your privacy to resist fingerprinting even more: privacy.resistFingerprinting The wiki page includes a warning (which, I hoped for, would have been exaggerated). It made me find a bug in the website of a primary school, but also broke DRM playback for a major streaming service.

Veeam plugin for Oracle RMAN and dmidecode

Veeam has a plugin for Oracle RMAN. Unfortunately this plugin encountered a slightly grumpy sysadmin who wants to keep servers secure. the documentation In the the official documentation they state to run the tool and it should just work. We got the following output (I’ve omitted the output after the error): user@host:~$ ./OracleRMANConfigTool --wizard Enter backup server name or IP address [hostname]: Enter backup server port number [10006]: Enter username [username]: Enter password for username [(do not change the existing password)]: Available backup repositories: 1.

AMD proprietary graphics drivers on Ubuntu 23.04

Somewhat recently I was reading about x265 (High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC)) and noticed it had quite some (space) advantages over its predecessor x264 (Advanced Video Coding (AVC)). I have a large family video collection (which keeps growing) and thought I might save some space and bandwidth, by converting them from 264 to 265. Reading up on my GPU ( 6600 XT ) specifications, it should support hardware encoding! Then my time got consumed by other projects, until…

Docker rootless - one masquerading bug to rule them all

Preferbly I use podman, but sometimes you are forced to use docker. Ideally you then switch to docker rootless, because of, well, security. I noticed that the docker rootless installation instructions are not ideal (e.g. contain a bug). Took me a while to figure it out though, but wanted to share. Especially since this might mean, more people (who explicitly want or need to run docker) can run docker safer (rootless).