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postfix can deliver e-mails again towards Microsoft addresses

Recently I upgraded to my new, freedom-loving, pro-privacy Internet Service Provider Freedom Internet. I was already running a mailserver before I switched: postfix. For years I had no issues sending out e-mails towards other mailservers. After I upgraded though, it seemed I was unable to send e-mail to Microsoft e-mail addresses. I noticed it only after a few months, when I tried to reach someone with an e-mail address.


So I decided to change my reverse DNS record from to something.domain.tld And behold, my e-mail was now being accepted again by Microsoft.

So although Microsoft's policies and guidelines state "Email servers must have valid reverse DNS records.", that is not the entirely true. I assume that Microsoft rejects e-mail servers with rDNS records with more than 2 dots. Beware if you use multiple DNS zones.

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Microsoft Teams on Linux

For my job I am required to use Microsoft Teams. Preferbly I use it on a Linux desktop using the deb or snap packages (it is great that those are provided). However there are some issues which you should be aware of.

Meeting URLs not working

TL;DR if you want to be able to join Microsoft Teams meetings using a URL, you should stick with the older version and not update to the newer version.

Very recently I noticed I was not being able to join meetings using a Microsoft Teams Meeting URL anymore. This appears to be a small, but extremely annoying bug which has already been reported at Q&A here and here.

Unavailable features

I've also discovered some downsides for the Linux client (aside from it being closed source):

  • screen sharing is not possible
  • background blurring is not possible
  • sometimes the client likes to eat RAM for breakfast
  • automatic gain control cannot be disabled
  • "new meeting experience" feature is not available (e.g. the ability to pop-out a meeting)

No public bugtracker

Unfortunately there is no public bugtracker where issues can be submitted. So people are forced to use tools like the Microsoft Q&A or (in my case) Twitter.

So I have tried submitting bugs via Twitter, but it did not a trigger a response or fix:

Twitter question which received zero response

Wouldn't it be great if that could be possible via a github repo? ;)

Almost 10 minutes I will never get back

Yesterday my morning started with a little green icon in the system tray of my Windows 10 workstation. It was time to reboot to install mandatory (already provided) updates. Managed workstations are fine and I am not one to complain, but I am used to the luxury of Linux. There you just install updates and if you really want (and do not use kexec) you can reboot to activate a newly installed kernel. This keeps productivity at a maximum.

To make a long story short, I almost had to wait 10 minutes for the updates to install and was not able to get any work done. Some black magic happened at shutdown and some at startup and this is considered normal. Ignorance is bliss.