George Orwell - 1984

A while ago George Orwell's book, Nineteen Eighty-Four, was very popular again. It was even sold out at several online bookstores, which really surprised me. Anyway, I put in on my "must read" list and did not have to time to read it until now.

Since I commute often (by car), I am a fan of listening to audiobooks. I just got to listening it and it truly is an amazing book, a must read (or listen to)!

It is possible to see quite a lot of parallels with the world today, or at least, the general direction that we are moving towards. Big brother is watching you. The dystopian future described by Orwell is actually feasible (and partially happening nowadays), just have a look at certain totalitarian countries. Education (and information) should be and flow freely and let's be honest, that is the only way to a brighter future for everyone.

I wanted to share my sources to obtain a copy this e-book (or audiobook):