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About Me

Short history

I've been using Free Software and Open Source software (including Linux) since my teen years. Those were the tinkering days when you had to do a lot of effort to get a random piece of hardware to function (often resulting in compiling the latest kernel from source) and that did not even guarantee it would work. Nowadays it often 'just works', which I see a partial 'win' and we should keep at it, we are not there yet.

Since I grew up in a small town, there were not a lot of likeminded people around. We were lucky that we had access to the internet at some point with a 56k6 modem. The internet and eventually my Computer Sciences education kickstarted me into high gear (late bloomer). Better late than never.


Just a few keywords to describe my default mindset:

  • hacker

  • free software

  • free speech

  • open source

  • privacy

  • security

  • do it properly or do not do it at all

Find me online

You can also find me at: