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Game Not Over has good newsletter and the newest edition contained a link to the video of their Game Not Over - virtual event, which I really recommend to watch.

They have a fun and interesting chat with John Carmack after which they have a panel discussion. Topics which are touched in the first 30 minutes: open source, Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, Quake and "Hackers - Heroes of the Computer Revolution".

P.S. Please consider donating to the Internet Archive and Wikipedia.

T420 SMART and i915 challenges

Continuing the topic of old(er) hardware, my focus now turned towards the Lenovo Thinkpad T420 of my wife. Recently I upgraded the old 2.5 inch normal (spinning rust, 320GB) hard drive, with a Crucial MX500 1TB SSD. As expected, the performance increase was stellar (mostly because the old hard drive was really old and at the end of its life). After about a week, maybe 2 weeks, the new SSD gave a SMART error and VLC crashed the graphical user interface when playing an MPG video.

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HP Microserver N40L - Remote access card - Password reset

Recently I came into the possession of a HP Microserver (from 2012) type N40L (not the N54L unfortunately). Fandom as a nice overview of the specifications (as well as tips etc.). This server came with a Remote Access Card which is a somewhat simpler version of HP's ILO (which is basically IPMI). Looking for documentation on the web for a system which is almost a decade old is, well, challenging. Search results will not be plentiful and those who seem to be useful, could turn out to contain dead links etc. Unfortunately I didn't know the credentials of the Remote Access Card webinterface and so I started my journey to reset it.

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DigID APK voor Android beschikbaar stellen

TL;DR: Beste rijksoverheid / digid / logius, maak de digid app a.u.b. als APK download beschikbaar (dat kan vrij eenvoudig) en idealiter daarna ook als open source beschikbaar. Verder overweeg HOTP en TOTP (in combinatie met FreeOTP) als vervanging van SMS voor 2FA.

TL;DR2: Beste mede-burger, laat digid weten dat je ook een APK beschikbaar wilt hebben. Stuur hiervoor via Twitter een berichtje naar @digidwebcare of een e-mail naar . Voor het gemak, een voorbeeld tweet/email: "Beste Digid, graag zou ik Digid app via een Android APK download willen installeren. Zou u die beschikbaar willen stellen? #digidandroid"

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