Evoluent Vertical Mouse 4 - Disable blue LED light

For a while I’ve been using the Evoluent VerticalMouse 4 Right. At first I had to get used to this type of mouse, but after a day or so, I already got used to it. The strain on your wrist/arm is much less with a vertical mouse, so I can really recommend it.

But I cannot recommend the blue LED light at the front of the mouse (facing the user). It’s a very bright LED with no added value to the user. I’m used to working at different times of the day and also in low lighting conditions, so I use redshift for my monitors. But the bright blue LED on the mouse is really a PITA, since it’s brighter than my screen…

Since I’m repairing (or modding) more and more devices, I wanted to disable the LED (in hardware) by opening the mouse. Drobilla.net had the same idea a few years ago so this should easily be doable. The blogpost got updated in 2020 with the news that Evoluent has a software/firmware fix for the blue LED light. So I went for the quick win and it worked like a charm. Just press and hold the “-” of the “pointer speed” button, while plugging in the mouse and the blue logo LED will be turned off.